Meet Some of Our French

Bulldog Sires and Dams

Parent 1

Notorious BIG aka Biggie Short

Compact blue and tan Merle stud that Carrie’s chocolate stud fee $1500. Proud sire of stunning litters.

Parent 2

Calvin Klein

Available for stud service $1500 he is a Platinum lilac proud producer of beautiful litters.

Parent 3

Description about parent goes here.

Parent 4

Miss Ann blue fawn

A sweet baby girl. Ann loves to smile and belly rubs.

Parent 5

Ruby is

A cream who carries blue. She loves playing ball and cuddles.

Parent 6


A blue and tan chocolate carrier loves laying by the pool and back scratches.

Parent 7

Skylar Aka Miss Fancy Pants

A solid blue loves strutting around the yard and enjoys hugs.

Parent 8

Little Miss Sadie Pants aka Sadie

Black and Tan that carries blue, Sadie is small but mighty she is 15 pounds full of love and cuddles.

Parent 9


A blue fawn sable tri loves cuddling up on the couch and watching a little Dog Whisper. Always first to sit for her treat.